Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lyrics - Sin "One: Recollections"

Do you remember how it used to be?
Partners in crime, against crime.
Just you and me, chasing the evils…
…Of the world.
I miss the times that we have shared.
They were the best times of my life.
After all that we have done together…
…I have no regrets.

I must admit I miss the times we shared.
Together, you and I, against the world.
But times are so very different now…
…It’s all gone wrong.
I had to chase you for your crime.
Do I regret it? I couldn’t say.
I only came to say goodbye.
What I remember most…
…Is your pride.

What’s happening?

Convict B
The ground’s shaking!

Convict A
Let us out, we’re under attack!

Rigby! Let me out!

You can help him.

I can help you!

Pride / Envy / Greed / Wrath / Sloth / Gluttony / Lechery (m / f)
This is your last chance!

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