Saturday, 22 May 2010

Blog - "Love vs Human Nature"

The concept of Love has always held something of a fascination with me. If you consider the concept of human nature, survival of the species and the male urge to impregnate as many women as possible or the female urge to be impregnated by men as quickly as possible, love becomes a misnomer; unnecessary figment of life, imagination and, as simply put as possible, unnatural.

That's likely alienated anybody who reads it, but if you stop and consider it, you'll see the logic. In the origins of humanity, as far as the dark ages, the concept of love was unheard of. In tribal society, you had an alpha male (selected by criteria that ensured the strength of his sperm) and an alpha female (selected by criteria of being able to give birth to men who were likely to have a high strength of sperm). After that, there were more members of the tribe. They didn't love and they didn't pair up. Sex was a constant in order to continue the tribe and thus strengthen it by providing greater numbers. The more children a woman had, the better. The more men had sex with her in as soon a time as possible, the more likely she was to get pregnant. That was tribal society. Eat, sleep, fuck; the three primary activities of humanity.

If you move on to medieval societies, you get a lot of stories about true love amongst tyranny and an increasingly hierarchical society. Most of these stories are obviously later created. As an example, look up the tales of Robin Hood or King Arthur. They all started somewhere, and there's only circumstantial evidence to suggest their reality. In truth, all historical information recorded, though some of this is also somewhat questionable, suggests that they were much closer to being tribal than they are to being at our current level of society. Did they love? Did they hell. Children were married off by parents in order to increase their financial or political standings. This isn't a bad thing; the parents were doing this to ensure the security of their children, but there was no question of love. You married who you were told to, and you gave them children in order to carry on their line. Sounds kind of like your typical native human society. Eat, sleep, fuck; the three primary activities of humanity.

So now we get to our current state of existence, where the primary focus of life is the search for love. Sex, formerly one of the primary activities of life designed entirely for the making of children, has become a designed expression of love, supposedly morally objectionable unless you have a deep connection with your partner. If I were to ask you why you think that this has happened, what might you say? This is what confuses me about love.

Where has it come from?

A friend of mine, some years ago, raised a point concerning homosexuality and human nature. If you consider gay men, the typical male urge to stick yourself into something and get off as quickly as possible (for the intention of moving on to your next partner) can still be examined, though I personally wouldn't examine it too deeply. For lesbian females, the urge to follow human nature seems to have dissolved completely. This confuses me.

Human nature is coded into our genes. Love is not. It could be relative of course, since love develops towards sex, which is one of your three primary activities of humanity. However, the amount of time that people spend, myself included, determined to discover and true and eternal love is rather a peculiar activity. Having spent so much time considering psychology and the human ability to defy their own genetic make-up, I still just don't get it.

What the hell is love, and why does everybody need it in their lives so much?

I'm determined to work it our eventually.

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  1. That's a good question. This is just a theory but as we humans have progressed, maybe the realization that love is the most powerful thing has come about. Think about the vietnam war, and all the protests against it stating that love is the answer. The music of the hippie era enforces love and acceptance as well. I know that a lot of drugs were taken, but these people joined together. Not saying that you should gp and do drugs, but there's something mysterious about human beings. Think about buddhists and shamans... Maybe natives and tribes did love we just don't understand how


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