Monday, 5 July 2010

Blog - "Disbelief: An Overdue Update"

Hey people, Tom Colohue here, once again. This, as it turns out, is long overdue.

I seem to have been neglecting Disbelief of late. This, for anybody who is thus far unaware, is my work in progress novel. At current, it's up to one hundred and sixty thousand words out of roughly one hundred and eighty thousand. This means that there is little to nothing left to write.

Now though, I'm onto the getting published game. This is where things get far from interesting and incredibly bloody annoying. As such, the only way to start increasing the chances of success is via press release and expansion based entirely on the name of Tom Colohue.

To this end, the next update will be via an Ultimate-Guitar Press Release, on the front page and thus with an average viewer count of coming up to six million. 

Plans for inclusion are:

A Special, Press Release Only Preview Chapter
Revised And Expanded Addition Pieces (Blogs) For Paul, Jace, Adam and Ed
A Disbelief PhotoShoot Starring Models As Ed And Ally

At the minute, the photoshoot is causing no end of issue due to unreliable people. You'll note that, with writing, there's never any help forthcoming, so I do it all myself.
I've now had two readers ask me how things are going, which is extremely flatterring and, honestly, inspiring. One reader even offered to send me money, which I simply can not accept.

Thanks for caring. It's a big boost for me.

Tom Colohue

Thursday, 1 July 2010

July 1st Audio Log

Just a heads up and a link over to my first of what should hopefully be monthly audio logs from hereon. 

Check it out.