Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lyrics - "Ambitions and Obsessions: Taste"

About twenty minutes ago, I started putting together a weird little musical story. I have the main characters and an introduction song so far, so I thought I'd put it on here should anybody enjoy it.

Ambitions And Obsessions
Track One: Taste

I see everything,
I know your hopes and fears,
Even all that you hide,

I can feel anything,
Your secrets and your lies,
I witness erotic little thoughts,
Just behind your eyes.

It seems that the world was only made around you.
Ocean blue is flattering to your eyes.
It seems that the world was made to surround you.
Encapsulating, mesmerising, setting all our hearts on fire.

I came here just to see here,
I'd bow to your will,
I follow your command,
Or the simplest wave of your hand.

I know what I'm going to do,
I see it in my mind,
The things that we could achieve,
If I just slide into your life.

It seems that the world was only made around you.
The yellow sand is flattering to your skin.
It seems that I was made to embrace you,
All you have to do is let me in.

I feel alive again,
I feel welcome around you,
I feel joy again,
I feel a warmth around you.

I have a need inside me,
Something that you can fill.
I can taste the air around you
It's sweetened by your very will.

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