Thursday, 13 May 2010

Poem - "Bliss"

Sleep in the cold,
Sleep without knowing
Your heart isn’t growing
It’s caged and forlorn.

Years have passed here,
And needless to say
That each brand new day
Brings the same new faces.

Hope is still here,
It’s fighting for grip
With each fingertip
But it’s clawing at nothing.

Embrace the night,
Hold to your slumber
Abandon the wonder
That comes with sunlight.

Home is around you,
It’s blissfully cold
As you are not bold
And so you remain.

You are not broken,
You feel no pain
But you must restrain
The begging reprieve.

All is not lost,
For all is around you
Joy has now found you
Enveloping quietly.

There is no torment,
There is no shame
There is no light
There is no pain.

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