Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blog - "Three Shoes"

As strange a start as I can think of to a dream is one that starts at the end, then rolls backwards to the beginning. It's odd.

To go from the beginning, or chapter two as I've come to think of it, we begin with me following a friend of mine - I won't name names but she does have red hair - through what seemed to be an open air tunnel or some sort of concrete trench. There were search lights out, but they weren't looking for her; they were looking for me. I was following her somewhere safe. Why I was being looked for, I'll never know.

We got to where we were going, which, to my surprise, was my flat. During this point, she kind of turned on me, saying that this guy she was sleeping with wanted to talk to me, and was coming to me as we spoke to ensure that I didn't escape. Usually, this would mean nothing to me, as I'm not particularly enamoured of this girl, and have no fear of anyone she might decide to put out with. Somehow though, I ended up terrified, ended up shoving on my shoes the wrong way around, sticking an extra shoe, the right way, on my left room, and trying to flee from the room.

This is where said dream gets utterly stupid. Right outside my door was Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool F.C. Manager, and one of his players, Lucas Leiva. They showed their disappointment in me, for some reason.

At this point we skip forward, because the dream did, to my escape, months later. I don't know how I escaped, but I know that I blamed the man on the floor below me for not bothering to help. As he put it "I didn't know they could do torture like that with machines". Lovely. I run out into the street to get some distance between myself and the building, stopping to lay down in the dark two streets away and finally, after months, change my shoes.

As I was laying there, I was passed by my original female oppressor, with two more women coming with her. For some reason, I raised my arm as if lifting something, and became invisible to them. As they passed, I became aware that it was all my Mother's fault.

I also dreamt that an episode of The Office was being filmed in my office. Not sure which is weirder.

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