Sunday, 26 September 2010

Blog - "Projects Upcoming"

Hello there readers.

So I do a lot of stuff. Some I get paid for, some I don't. Despite all of this, my primary vocation remains that of a writer, so I thought I'd give a few quick updated on the writing tasks ahead of me.

As of right now, I am working on the following projects:

The Spirit Of Mercy; A new Fiction series for Ultimate-Guitar
All About Hugh; The second series of the UG Story for Ultimate-Guitar
Effects Of The Internet; Another couple of articles in my continuing new media series for DottedMusic
Marketing Methods; A fairly large series of articles focussed around marketing yourself as a musician in the current fast track world for DottedMusic and Ultimate-Guitar
TommyFest Interviews; For the interviewees, myself, Ultimate-Guitar, SplashNet Radio and FunkyMonkey Radio, as well as the TommyFest website.

That's all of the writing tasks that I have on the go at this very minute.

I'm also making a new list of publishers to send Disbelief to, since I have now exhausted all other options concerning it. It's a long and extremely arduous task, so if anybody wants to do any of that work for me, I would be grateful.

In fact, that would be awesome. :P

Always a pleasure,

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