Sunday, 12 September 2010

Blog - "TommyFest"

So, lately things have been a little mad.

My normal, everyday office job picked up to the point where I worked Monday, Monday night, Tuesday, Tuesday night, Wednesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Friday night last week. Add in the writing I generall do over a weekend and you've got yourself a busy schedule right there, but at the end of last month, we had TommyFest.

TommyFest is the local music festival that I got involved in working the angle of international promotions. It was a years worth of work, all building up a head of steam to culminate in the bank holiday weekend of August. It's why I didn't really post much that month, for which I apologise.

I went along as a representative of Ultimate-Guitar in addition to the role I took in the committee, and let me tell you, it was one of the most singularly awesome experiences that I have ever witnessed. The music, the people, the poker games in the chill-out tent: everything.

The following weekend was literally tame because of it.

I'm currently going through the pictures that my photographer took, preparing for the interviews I intend to give and for the wrap up news post. So, if you know any of the following acts, or are just interested in what I intend to ask them, please keep an eye out.

-Steph Fraser
-Alex Hulme
-Escape Artists UK
-Fatt Tuesday
-Steph Ashcroft
-The Underachievers
-Cat Lowman
-Girl Peculiar

More as it develops, and maybe some exclusive pictures, just for my readers.

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  1. Please Tom write more about this, I am very interested to hear!


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