Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blog - "Going Digital"

For a while now, I've been working with a friend of mine from UG called Andrew Apanov. Some of you may have spotted a link to his website on my Facebook page. Now, having left UG, he's decided to move on with some of his own projects and continue his development with his own blog and music marketing website: Dotted Music.

The work I've been doing has been directly relative for him. While he's been builting his marketing website, different to his blog, he's been asking me to develop the copy for it, despite having a decent run of writers working directly with him to create new and imaginative content for the blog. You see, there's only so much you can say about marketing. When you add in the limitation of marketing for the music business, is swiftly becomes very difficult to write anything for a prolonged period of time. I did one series and then happily called it quits, but he keeps enticing me.

The copy in question was, in my mind, some of the best I've done. It's simple. It's enticing without being overly self-flattering. I just thought I'd lay some out, since it is my work, and I gladly don't take any credit for it on the website, much like the copy for the Widgets on the main page of UG.

"Websites & Design

Having a centralised hub where your fans and the big names can connect may facilitate development as an artist, but attracting people in their droves is a greater challenge. Dotted Music creates a genuine experience for each fan every time they log on. Yet we're not here to tell you what to do; we're here to enhance your image while respecting your own unique identity. It's still your show; we're here to make it even better."

"Digital Marketing

At Dotted Music, we provide the platform, the launch pad from which you can spring. Our time-honed repertoire of services includes D2F, Press Releases, Websites, and Social Media . We have the connections and expertise needed to put your name right into the public eye, and the creativity to do so in a truly unique matter each and every time. We're living in the Digital Age, and we want to help you digitize."

"Online Management

Hosting for your website, server maintenance, streaming, ensuring your profile is a regular fix on social networking tools, and encoding your media to keep it safe while maintaining its availability for broadcast are just some of the wide-ranging services Dotted Music offers. With a focus on swift management techniques, we carefully balance your short and long term goals. We provide the platform, you achieve results."

And, of course, my personal favourite, pertaining directly to my job:

"Website Copywriting

A catchy line, a neat piece of prose, or something just a little personal can make the world of difference. When you’re Googled, it’s vital that you’re presented professionally but realistically – often a difficult fence to straddle. Introductions, biographies, news posts, and reviews are just some of the services we include in this package. Our copywriting approach blends poignant prose with an objective eye, ensuring you strike a strong first impression."

I love taking the piss.

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