Monday, 12 November 2012

OP - "Equality Versus Authority"

It’s funny that, so soon after Cameron declared a nonexistent link between paedophilia and homosexuality, paedophilia is once again at the forefront of the media. The Jimmy Savile investigation, encouraging the examination of just how common abuse of power is from popular media figures, has pointed a spotlight directly on to those that were previously untouchable. However, the witch hunt has clearly begun, with the BBC’s Newsnight getting it very wrong in some of the accusations they have been throwing out.

It’s all blown up in a way that nobody quite predicted. Yet another BBC boss has resigned over their truly inept standards of journalism, there’s a whole building of abuse stories somewhere in Wales and, of course, people seem no closer to a sure answer on just what Jimmy Savile is guilty of, given that new things keep popping up over the course of the investigation.

Could we be on the way to true equality? Will the punishment for your average Joe finally start matching up with that of the figure of authority that is somebody known by a fair chunk of people?

No. Of course not.

Cameron is still permitted to accuse homosexuals of a paedophilic tilt. George Entwistle, former head of the BBC, is still being given £450,000 severance and, without a moment of doubt I can safely say that far more people in popular media are surviving without quaking in their boots at the thought of being caught out for any of the things that they might have done.

Reports are still made about women in the media suffering from all kinds of sexual harassment, and those are the ones who didn’t choose to put out in order to advance in whatever company they’re in. People are still killed for that most grievous of sins: being different. Black? Gay? Democratic?

Equality is a long, long way away. I don’t think I’ll ever see it. But maybe, before I die, women will accept that we pick the seat up, so they should put it down. That’s equality.

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