Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blog - "The Philosophy Of Transformers"

Hello dear readers,

Today has been rather monotonous, and so, when a random current thought struck me as odd, I decided to delve into it. The question is quite simple.

Would you class Transformers as alive?

Consider, if you will, the nature of life, as philosophy states. The concept of "I think therefore I am" is surely an outdated one in the light of such wondrous thinkers as Orwell and Cameron; modern day philosophers who gave us 1984 and The Terminator respectively. People have been arguing it for years: whether life is, in fact, reality or just some strange expression of somebody else's laugh at our expense. The ideas of back and forth dreams are a constant, but, be that aside, surely everybody believes in some form of definition as to what constitutes life.

The Transformers, as I'm sure most if not all of you know by now, are entirely mechanoid in design, with no organic component present in their make-up. Their DNA is Hexidecimal code. Their memories are log files. Does this make their artificial intelligence any less potent than our own? Surely, with their access to a central server hub of shared information (Trans-WiFi, if you will) would grant them far greater knowledge and awareness of their fellow man.

Erm, bot.

So that's the question I've been wrestling with for about four minutes, and making no headway on. 'Are Transformers alive' is, in my mind, a much better question that 'are we alive' since that shit never ends.

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