Saturday, 26 June 2010

Blog - "Concerning Younglings"

Let's see: Tom Colohue and children. Now there's an interesting question.

Today, and, according to the Head Steward, next week, I'm volunteering at the Youth Club that takes place at my work. It's not the sort of thing I'd usually go for, but I'm always happy to help where help is needed. All work and no play etc.

I've been on a Youth Work course for months with this as the considered end result, but I'll admit that this is far from the reason that I'm doing it. In truth, I'm mostly just collecting qualifications for my CV right now. A long list of my talents is always going to draw more attention than a short one. Despite that though, here I am, with kids trying to talk down to me.

It's not working well for them. I don't think I'll be able to stick around for too long.

They're loud, obnoxious and really annoying; I'm glad some girls turned up. They're actually much quieter than the boys, which surprises me. They also seem to be lingering around me, which is, quite frankly, terrifying. Why is it the younger ones who are the most friendly? Do we lose something along the way?

Now, I generally like and want children. If I consider my niece, Lydia, then kids are awesome by proxy. I have a picture of her on my phone that I've been showing off. It's not good enough to replace the large pile of money that is my wallpaper, but it's still good.

I'm pretty much ignoring people here, and I'm feeling a little guilty, but I'm shy, and more interested in writing. They're making an effort, which is nice, and not as common in my life as I would like. Maybe I was being judgemental. Anyway, back to my niece of awesome.

The reason I haven't been around much recently is because my sister, her boyfriend and my niece have been visiting. Now, my sister made my own youth all sorts of hell, so I can't claim to be her fan, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to offer the same treatment. Besides, my niece is beyond adorable. I'd wake up in the morning and she would either greet me with a slap or a faceful of saliva. Is it strange that I enjoyed this? Hell no. She's a ten month old baby; it just means that she loves me.

I don't think that there's anything in life that I'm looking forward to more than becoming a father. There'll be no better day in the world.

I feel a little overdressed here. I've been getting into suiting up recently and, though I'm still evading wearing a tie; I look so damned good.

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  1. I think my eyebrow was pulled closer to the ceiling as I continued to read this.

    'They're loud, obnoxious and really annoying...' - Agreed.

    Also, slightly different from what I expected here.
    Even though you are the unexpected.

    (P.S. MSN has died.)


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